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Next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in.


Q: I’m nervous about my boudoir session, is this normal?
A lot of my previous clients are nervous in front of camera fully clothed. So of course it’s normal initially to be nervous about shooting a boudoir session. However we will be your guide. we will properly prepare you for your shoot via consultations, and turn that nervousness into excitement.

Q: Do you shoot other styles of Photography?                                                                                                                  We have traveled the world shooting all types of photography. We’ve shot various events, intimate private celebrity events, commercial advertisements, weddings, fashion, etc. Which allows us to bring a variety of skill and creativity to your shoot.

Q: Where does the shoot take place?
Our boudoir session can take place in your home, or luxury hotel. Experience has shown that it is a lot easier for clients to relax in a comfortable home or hotel setting than in a studio.

Q. How long is the shooting process?
The shoot itself takes about an hour and a half to about 3 hours depending on how many wardrobe changes, and series you want to shoot.

Q: I have stretch marks, can you retouch them?
About 95% of the women we have shot have stretch marks. Stretch mark and scar removal, and acne retouching is part of our magazine quality retouching, and is included in your package.

Q: What should I bring to the photo shoot?
This varies depending on your style and your series results. We will go over everything you need to bring during consultations.

Q: I have a go to hair stylist, and a go to makeup artist. Can they glam me up for the our boudoir session?
Yes, this is your experience, and you you can also incorporate your go to artist.

Q: I’m not young or skinny like most of the women on your website, is this even right for me?
ABSOLUTELY!!!! We photograph ALL shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicity. In fact 90% of our clients are non-models that want beautiful images either for themselves or for someone special. We welcome you with open arms and we’ll do everything to make you comfortable and give you beautiful images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Q: Is nudity required?
Nudity is entirely up to you. Each photo shoot is tailored to fulfill your specific wants and needs, there is no pressure or expectation. We offer clients a ‘White Sheet Set’, which is implied nudes where you are strategically covered.

All our clients on our website have given us their permission to use their images. None of your images will be used on our website unless we have written permission from you. We respect your privacy.