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Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

Did you know?

Boudoir photography has gained popularity in recent years. Though still considered taboo by some, it has become a respected and sought out form of photography.

Boudoir photography first emerged in the 1920s when nudity in photographs was illegal. During this decade, many boudoir photographers focused on plus-sized figured women against elaborate backdrops. In the 1940s, curvy pin-up girls in corsets and men’s ties became the focus. This was also the first time props were used in boudoir photography.

The biggest change came in the 1970s when boudoir photography began to be accepted as “professional art” within the art world, and photographs of real women replaced drawings in magazines. Culturally many still considered boudoir photography taboo, but not like in the past.

Since then, boudoir has been picked up by the fashion industry and even the wedding industry. Whether you’re interested in a special gift for your spouse-to-be or you’re simply looking to express your inner fierceness, a boudoir session will bring out your power and confidence.

For All women on a self-love journey. Every woman is worthy of this life changing experience and every woman should be her own kind of beautiful. You have a story to tell, let’s capture it in authentic portraits that are bound to be artful, editorial, and worthy of displaying in a gallery.

As a photographer, I want women to recognize their own beauty, no matter the size or shape of their body. I want to promote confidence and help you to rock the body you have been given.

Boudoir is a fabulous way to express yourself and to show off your inner sexy. Boudoir sessions also make a great gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or even as an unexpected “just because" gift! While these photos will make a great gift for your significant other, it is important to realize how much of a gift it is for yourself, too.

There are so many misconceptions about Boudoir Photography that we would like to clear up.
-Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman!
-Numbers do not define you!-You can NEVER lose your SEXY no matter what age you are!
-You don’t need any modeling experience at all!
-Women who invest in themselves go further!
-Do it for yourself!

Many face self-doubt and think, “Will I look good posing in lingerie?" Or “will I be comfortable and have fun with this?" The truth is, if your booking with a trusted boudoir studio like Boudoir By Jean-Francois, all reasonable doubts and apprehensions can thankfully be put aside.  We focus on making every woman’s experience classy, comfortable and fun!

We inspire confidence that shines through; reminding you that beauty is individual and unique. It’s not just for the times in your life when you are young or when your skin is glowing. It’s not just for the weeks after you complete your first marathon or when your summer tan is the perfect shade of gold. Every stage of life is beautiful, and showcasing your strength with a sexy boudoir photography session in your last months of a cherished pregnancy or during the nervous weeks before you get married is a wonderful way to celebrate beauty and strength at every stage of life.

Our mission is to make each and every experience truly exceptional. Finally, our goal is to have every woman walk away from this experience renewed and refreshed with who they are.

Keep in mind that although most clients choose to do boudoir sessions as a wedding day gift for their significant other, there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to do a boudoir shoot. If you’re ready to document your sexiness and sensuality, consider booking a boudoir photo shoot for your wedding day, an anniversary, a birthday or for yourself!

“I’m still buzzing with energy and joy from my first-ever Boudoir shoot! ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!! Andre and his team were absolutely fantastic and made me feel SO comfortable! I couldn’t recommend them any more. You have to go try it out for yourself!!!" – Audrey

“I had an amazing experience!!! It was my first photo shoot ever. I’m very camera shy, but the team made me feel so relax that I got over my shyness. – Leilani

“Andre made me feel super comfortable and sexy! He got some great shots…both tight shots and nice wide shots. I shared a couple headshots and got so many compliments on the lighting. He has a great ability to capture natural light on the face and work with his surroundings!" – Jocelyn

“Amazing experience from start to finish. Going through Google and Yelp I found Jean-Francois Photography and sent a message through their website, I immediately was contacted. I wanted to get some boudoir photography done for my husband to be as a gift and felt comfortable from the beginning through the entire process!!!" – Jada

“The team at Boudoir By Jean-Francois are true professionals and amazing artists! I had so much fun doing the photo shoot with them and could not be happier with the final product. I would not send my friends anywhere else!" – Sarah